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2019 data may no longer reflect current performance. More info opens a popup

This is 2018/2019 data. No primary test or assessment data has been published for 2020, 2021 or 2022.

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MAT (multi-academy trust) performance measures are intended to give an indication of how well MATs are currently performing. This page shows revised opens a popup results data for pupils who completed key stage 2 opens a popup in the summer of 2019. These figures were published in December 2019.

See Multi-academy trust performance measures for full details of how we calculate MAT measures.

2019 performance data is not available for this MAT (multi-academy trust) / sponsor.

MATs are included in these measures if they have at least 3 schools covering this phase of education that have been with the MAT / sponsor for at least 3 academic years and for which we have published performance data.

Special schools, pupil referral units, alternative provision academies and alternative provision free schools within the MAT / sponsor are not included.

In the 2019 results, schools are counted under the MAT / sponsor they were part of as of 12 September 2018, as long as they had been with that MAT / sponsor since before 12 September 2016. To view all schools currently under the MAT / sponsor visit the NURTURE ACADEMIES TRUST school list.

See Multi-academy trust performance measures opens in a new window for full details of how we calculate MAT / sponsor measures.

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