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Abbeygate Sixth Form College

  • Ages 16 to 19

16 to 18

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These figures tell you about performance of students at this school or college at the end of their 16 to 18 phase of education opens a popup . These figures were published in April 2020 and relate to students who completed their 16 to 18 studies in the summer of 2019, except where stated otherwise.

The number of students shown for each type of qualification is the number who completed their 16 to 18 study at this school or college in 2019. Some students are included in more than one group - for example, a student who studied an A level will be counted in 'A levels' but also in 'Academic qualifications'.

16 to 18 data is not available for this school or college, this is normally for one of the following reasons:

  • The school or college recently changed school type (for example, became an academy) or re-opened after the closure of a previous school. In these cases, the 2022 data will be found on the former school or college page.
  • The school or college had no students who completed 16 to 18 studies in 2022 - for example, because the school or college is new and pupils have so far only completed the first few years of their studies.

This is a new academy which opened on 02/09/2019.

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